Artist Statement
"My bronze sculpture can be categorized as an inevitable reflection upon
the bronze fine art casting industry.

I practice the conventional lost wax method and the established modern
foundry techniques, such as rubber molds, resins, ceramic refractory
materials, pneumatic hand tools and patinizing acids.

I draw inspiration for the uniqueness of my bronze sculpture from my
sustained receptivity towards the cast-offs, leftovers and by-products that
are created from ordinary foundry processes.  The slurry purges, sprueing
systems and casting mis-runs scattered around the foundry are what start
my creative juices flowing.  My bronze sculptures range in scale from
desktop size to monumental.

Style characteristics include my signature icons, which function as visual
landmarks that assist and guide the viewer.  Additionally, my signature
textured mosaic alludes to visual mass abundance.  The mosaic is
constructed by the disassembly and reassembly of my signature icons.  The
icons and the textured mosaics are what give my work its distinctiveness."

James A. Dixon
James A. Dixon
Fine Artist of Sculptures, Illustrations and Paintings
Created by Unique