Bronze Sculpture Gallery II
Spyro-pinwheel ed.25
 15"x11"x6"      $450
Tolerance ed. 10
32"x11"x9"  $3000
35"x20"x12"     $2000
Column Sketch ed 25
12"x3"x1"    $500
Crescent Star ed. 50
12"x8"x3"    $400
Wood  Sketch
15"x6"x5"  $600
Wood/Rubber Sketch
18"x4.5"x4.5     $650
For Lori side B
15"x11"x4"      $840
Fiber Flora
61"x16"x16"    $6000
James A. Dixon
Fine Artist of Sculptures, Illustrations and Paintings
Created by Unique
Note:   All Purchases will have shipping & tax added to final cost.